What Do Clients Say About Pete Rowe?

I highly recommend Pete Rowe for you legal matters. Mr. Rowe is extremely professional, listens acutely, and is there to answer your questions no matter the time. I retained Mr. Rowe for my family court matter. Mr. Rowe was aggressive in my defense. He was always prepared and one step ahead of the curve. Whatever your legal matters may entail, Pete Rowe will fight to the bitter end for you. In addition to these great traits, Mr. Rowe is very affordable. Again, I highly recommend Mr. Pete Rowe to represent you in your legal matters. Mr. Rowe, thank you for everything you do for my case.

– Felix C.

If you are looking for an attorney, I advise you to find one who likes his work. That is precisely what we found with Pete Rowe. He is not afraid to take on work that requires focus and follow through. I cannot say more about his ability to use that sustained attention to concentrate on the intricacies of the law that has allowed us to litigate through challenging legal circumstances.

– PressonVeneers.com

Being an online company, we needed an attorney who could commit to understanding the latest trends in Terms and Conditions. Pete Rowe has aggressively stayed on target with protecting our company’s interests through litigating against libel and slander claims. Pete is both a good attorney as well as a good businessperson and our company has benefitted greatly from working with him.

– MSC Development, Inc.

Pete Rowe represented me recently in a real estate suit. He was very thorough in his research and was able to settle the matter quickly. Pete gave me very personalized attention and stayed on top of every detail until the matter was resolved. I plan to use him again and highly recommend his services.

– Pam W.

Dear Pete Rowe

As a former client of yours, I wanted to extend my gratitude to all of you for the professionalism, kindness and promptness I received as you represented my interest. Usually, most lawyers have a stigma around them that is not always a pleasant one, and for you, Pete Rowe; I was honored and proud to have you represent me as you are very different from the rest. I am very pleased with the services provided to me and if needed in the future, you will be the one I call.

Thank you all,

– Tasha S.

My name is Matthew K., and I am a small business owner. I was facing some ordinance problems with the city we work in, and attorney Pete Rowe went to work to help us take care of the issues and gain clarity into the situation.

Mr. Rowe quickly obtained the information that we were looking for and resolved any questions into the matter that we had. Not only did he get the answers we needed, but he also picked up the phone and represented us as our attorney to the city official, taking full charge of the situation.

Pete Rowe exceeded our expectations, and we will continue to utilize him and his expertise in future business scenarios. I cannot recommend Mr. Pete Rowe enough. If you are looking for someone who is thorough, confident, and capable to handle your business law needs, look no further than attorney Pete Rowe.

– Matthew K.

Working with Pete was easy. He was knowledgeable about my business requirements and confident in his ability to manage my affairs in a timely fashion. He’s personable and pleasant, and I’ll be hiring him again soon to help me set up my non-profit. It’s so important to get the right information – it’s a protection I can’t afford to ignore. He answered all my questions and emails promptly, and never made me feel like my questions were burdensome. I appreciate that. Thanks, Pete!

– Susan H.

Dear PETE,

I just want to say Thank You!! You saved us when we were at the end of our rope with how to restrain [the child]'s dad and be able to adopt him after my daughter died. You were like an angel of God that fell right out of the sky!

Through the laborious hoops we were to jump through in the coming months, you took me by the hand and explained every detail, and were so extremely responsive every time I phoned you.

And we won! Everything went perfectly as planned.

– Ellene L