Dallas, Texas Misdemeanor Defense & Expunction of Records

The Law Office of Pete Rowe offers aggressive legal services for those in the Dallas area who are accused of theft crimes and other misdemeanors. Attorney Pete Rowe also assists with expunction and non-disclosure of criminal arrest records and helps qualifying persons terminate their probation period early. Read more about some of the firm's services below. Or find out more about why clients choose Pete Rowe.

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DWI Defense

A conviction for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs carries very serious consequences in Texas, even if it is only your first conviction. A first DWI conviction is a Class B Misdemeanor, which is… Read More


In the State of Texas, any theft of property valued under $2,500.00 is a misdemeanor. Classes of theft misdemeanors are categorized in the State of Texas as follows: Class C Misdemeanor—theft of property valued under $100.00 Class B Misdemeanor—t… Read More

Expunction & Non-Disclosure of Arrest Records

If you have been arrested for a crime and never received a final conviction, then you may be eligible to have your arrest expunged from your record or you may eligible to receive a court order preventing the disclosure of your arrest to third-parties… Read More