Dallas, Texas Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Pete Rowe is pleased to have received praise from clients for the firm's handling of business disputes, vehicle accidents and other personal injury matters, collection of trade debts, and enforcement of court judgments from other states. Read more about some of the firm's services below. Or find out more about why clients choose Pete Rowe.

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Business Litigation & Collection of Trade Debts

If you or your business have supplied goods or services to your customer on account and your customer has not paid you according to your agreed upon terms, then Texas law provides you with some powerful collection tools. These tools help you or your… Read More

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

If you have obtained a judgment against a Texas resident or a business with assets in Texas, then you can seek to enforce your judgment in Texas under a procedure known as domestication. A foreign judgment is any judgment obtained in a court outside… Read More