BIL Veneers or Brighter Image Lab Press on Veneers

The Law Office of Pete Rowe has recently read several blogs and posts that indicate the public is having trouble resolving disputes and complaints concerning a popular brand of press on veneers.  These press on veneers are manufactured by Brighter Image Lab and may be also marketed by MSC Development, Inc., BIL, BIL Veneers, Bil Watson, or any of several other names.  Perhaps promises were made about the quality, appearance, or fit of the veneers and the product did not live up to the promises the company made.  Or maybe you wanted a refund for a veneer that had a shoddy fit or appearance and the company refused or gave you the run around.  The reviews and complaints on the internet indicate that many people feel taken advantage of by these companies.  If you have been wronged or taken advantage of, then the Law Office of Pete Rowe is here to help.

Whatever your business dispute with MSC Development, Inc., Brighter Image Lab, Bil Watson, BIL Veneers, etc... might be, the Law Office of Pete Rowe, P.C. is here to help make things right if you have suffered injury or have a complaint with your product, service, or need help with a refund.  If you need justice, then call the Law Office of Pete Rowe, P.C. at (469) 249-1055 or (817) 637-3830 or email the Law Office of Pete Rowe, P.C. at or  We file lawsuits and aggressively pursue litigation against companies who abuse consumers.  We look forward to getting you the compensation you deserve.

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